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Note: all listed information is for Part 91 operators. Part 135 operator prices will vary depending on the needs of the operator and the volume of required work.


If the requested inspection is the first time J&G Aviation has seen the aircraft, it will be conducted as an annual inspection and billed at the appropriate annual inspection flat rate. Subsequent 100 hour inspections will be billed at the following reduced rates (20% discount from annual rates):

Single Engine Piston Multi Engine Piston
Tier 1 - $720

Example Aircraft: Aeronca


Cessna-120/140/150/152; Grumman

AA-1A/B/C; Piper J-3/PA-12/18/20-108/38


Tier 1 - $1,920

Example Aircraft: Beech-76; Cessna-337; Piper PA-23/30/44

Tier 2 - $750

(does not include any retractable gear)

Example Aircraft (noncomplex): Beech-19; Cessna-170/172; Piper PA-20/22/28 (fixed gear); Grumman AA-5


Tier 2 - $2,240

Example Aircraft: Beech-55/56/58; Cessna-310/320; Piper PA-34

Tier 3 - $1,120

Example Aircraft: Beech-23-24/24R/33/35; Cessna-172RG/177/180/182/185/205; Luscombe 8E; Mooney M-20 (fixed gear); Piper PA-28R


Tier 3 - $2,560

Example Aircraft: Beech-50; Cessna-340/401/411/414; Piper PA-31

Tier 4 - $1,280

Example Aircraft: Beech-A36; Cessna CE-210; Cirrus SR20; Mooney M-20/201; Piper PA-24/32


Tier 4 - $2,880

Example Aircraft: Beech-60/65; Cessna-421; Piper PA-60

What is included in the flat rate pricing: What's not included: Owner Assisted Annuals:

All labor associated with:

• Normal logbook review and AD research (1 hr: for past year)

• The inspection

• Shop consumables

• The logbook write-ups.


• Parts costs (inspection without any repair work would only include oil & oil filter costs)

• Repair work (if there is repair work approved by the owner/operator, it will be billed at normal shop rate of $80/hr)

• Logbook work beyond normal review (ie. research required)

• Billed at $50/hr

• AD research beyond the previous year and/or starting an AD log


Removing access panels and seats, drain & replace oil, and remove oil filter.

*10% discount from published flat rate price


Grand Prairie Airport (KGPY)

Grand Prairie Airport (KGPY) - Map / Info

HOURS: 09800-1600


  • Fuel
  • 100LL, Jet A Self Serv Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609
  • Parking
  • Airport Authority: (ph) 972.237.7592 Tie Downs Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609 Tie Downs and Hangars
  • Flight Planning
  • Tower