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Note: all listed information is for Part 91 operators. Part 135 operator prices will vary depending on the needs of the operator and the volume of required work.


NOTE: first time annuals with J&G Aviation will have an additional $100 (single engine) and $150 (twin engine) charge added for setting up the equipment list, AD report, and electronic copy of logbooks. Turbochargers add an additional $100/engine to the flat rate. Pressurization systems also add $100.

Single Engine Piston Multi Engine Piston
Tier 1 - $1000

Example Aircraft: Aeronca


Cessna-120/140/150/152; Grumman

AA-1A/B/C; Piper J-3/PA-12/18/20-108/38


Tier 1 - $2,700

Example Aircraft: Beech-76; Cessna-337; Piper PA-23/30/44

Tier 2 - $1,200

(does not include any retractable gear)

Example Aircraft (noncomplex): Beech-19; Cessna-170/172; Piper PA-20/22/28 (fixed gear); Grumman AA-5


Tier 2 - $3,100

Example Aircraft: Beech-55/56/58; Cessna-310/320; Piper PA-34

Tier 3 - $1,600

Example Aircraft: Beech-23-24/24R/33/35; Cessna-172RG/177/180/182/185/205; Luscombe 8E; Mooney M-20 (fixed gear); Piper PA-28R


Tier 3 - $3,600

Example Aircraft: Beech-50; Cessna-340/401/411/414; Piper PA-31

Tier 4 - $1,800

Example Aircraft: Beech-A36; Cessna CE-210; Cirrus SR20; Mooney M-20/201; Piper PA-24/32


Tier 4 - $4,000

Example Aircraft: Beech-60/65; Cessna-421; Piper PA-60

What is included in the flat rate pricing: What's not included: Owner Assisted Annuals:

All labor associated with:

• Normal logbook review and AD research (1 hr: for past year)

• The inspection

• Shop consumables

• The logbook write-ups.


• Parts cost (inspection without any repair work would normally only include oil, oil/vacuum/air filters, fuel strainer kit (if applicable)

• Repair work and parts will be approved by the owner and billed at normal shop rates.

• Logbook work beyond normal review (ie. research required)

• Billed at $50/hr

• AD research beyond the previous year and/or starting an AD log


Removing access panels and seats, drain & replace oil, and remove oil filter.

*10% discount from published flat rate price


Grand Prairie Airport (KGPM)

Grand Prairie Airport (KGPM) - Map / Info



  • Fuel
  • 100LL, Jet A Self Serv Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609
  • Parking
  • Airport Authority: (ph) 972.237.7592 Tie Downs Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609 Tie Downs and Hangars
  • Flight Planning
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