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What We Do

J & G Aviation can manage as much or as little of your aircraft ownership experience as you desire. Our services include reminders of upcoming maintenance requirements, new applicable Aircraft Worthiness Directives (AD's), recurring maintenance requirements (oil changes, recurring AD compliance, pre-flight servicing (struts, tires, etc.). We are based out of Grand Prairie Airport (KGPM) in North Texas. Our core focus is on required maintenance and aircraft inspections (annual, 100-hour, pre-buy, airworthiness and manufacturer service bulletins). We manage every aspect of aircraft ownership. From Pre-Buys to sales and everything in between. J & G Aviation has the knowledge and experience to take care of all your aviation needs. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our work, competitive prices and timely turnaround, this all coupled with a customer-oriented approach. We emphasize communication and working with our customers at every turn to achieve the desired outcome.

Our goal is to safeguard you and your aircraft with the highest level of technical expertise in both scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Grand Prairie Airport (KGPM)

Grand Prairie Airport (KGPM) - Map / Info

HOURS: 0900-1600


  • Fuel
  • 100LL, Jet A Self Serv Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609
  • Parking
  • Airport Authority: (ph) 972.237.7592 Tie Downs Aviator Air:(ph) 972.988.8609 Tie Downs and Hangars
  • Flight Planning
  • Tower